Our company is very open to collaboration and working with customer to develop custom-formulated materials and coatings for target specific applications. 

​Self-healing Anticorrosive Additive 

Our self-healing anticorrosive additives are nanostructured polymers loaded with corrosion inhibitors. At the onset of corrosion, even due to mechanical damage or scratch, the self-healing anticorrosive additives in coating protects the  metal by releasing corrosion inhibitor onto the corrosion site preventing the metal from further corrosion. 

​Anticorrosive Composite Fillers

Our anticorrosive  composite fillers are composite of commonly used  filler materials and electroactive polymers. They  have the ability to passivate steel therefore preventing steel from corrosion.  

​Organic Conducting Nanomaterials

  • Polyaniline 
  • Polythiophene 
  • Polypyrrole
  • Graphene oxide
  • Reduced graphene oxide